Best Ways to Expand Your Portfolio and Earn More


A lot of responsible people like our website visitors want to earn more for their family. They want to give the best education, food, home, and other luxuries of life for their dads, moms, and children. They would do everything that they can to have more money to spend. What are the practical ways on how to have alternative income for the family?

Online surveys

You can earn a buck or two for each survey that you answer online. Some platforms build a website for the purpose of getting subscribers to answer surveys conducted by companies for marketing purposes. These companies want to receive the best possible results by hiring the website owners to filter the demographics that they are targeting and let them answer the surveys.

In return, the people who answer the surveys will get a specific amount of credit or money that they can use to shop or pay for other stuff online. Read more about these online surveys and other related subjects in our tech blogs.

Website tester

A lot of companies rely on the user interface of their website in order to get clicks and earn off its design. Because of this, their revenue lies heavily on whether the website gives the user enough reason to click and to buy products from them. Here is where you come in. They hire user experience testers that can help them determine which parts of the website work and which ones do not.

Teach kids English

If you have a heart in teaching kids from the other side of the world, you can do so by creating an account on the website and offering your teaching services to children. The prices can go from $10 an hour to as much as $50 if you have high ratings and review.

Make money using your talents

Do you know how to paint? Are you good at making crafts? Do you produce wonderful household items using just your hands and a little creativity? Then you can turn your passion into a profitable business by posting all your products in social and e-commerce sites like Etsy or e-Bay. You may also want to hire someone to build a website for the items that you sell.