Tough Sports That You can Dive Into in Your 30s

It is never too late to start a new sport. Either you want to build a website documenting your change of look and weight or you just want to have a healthier physical body to sustain you in the years ahead, you should try to test these different tough sports and see which ones you will like.

Mountain climbing

You do not need many skills to start mountain climbing. All you have to do is have the right mindset and determination to try this sport. You can first have a feel of what climbing the side of a mountain is like by going on the ones with a guide who teaches the basics of the equipment to be used and the right ways to do it. Once you become accustomed to the sport, you can climb up more difficult terrains and mountains.

Just a tip though, do not climb a mountain during tough weather. Check the latest weather forecast to make sure that you will have the finest environment conditions when you try this sport.


To reduce your weight and build muscle, people in their 30s should go and take up boxing. To try it out, you can visit a local boxing gym and rent a pair of boxing gloves. You can also ask a trainer to help you with the basics of the sport like jabbing, making a hook, and doing the right footwork. A gym with an actual ring would be nice. It will make you feel that you are actually performing in front of thousands of people. Who knows? This may be the sport that you are good at.


Another tough sport that you should test is swimming. Almost everyone I know swam once or twice in their life. It is easy to do. You can just go to the beach or an Olympic-size pool and start swimming.

But you have to keep in mind that ordinary swimming is different from the actual sport. You need to be better at freestyle, butterfly, backstroke, and other styles of swimming. You can ask a personal trainer to teach you about the proper techniques in swimming right and swimming fast. Website visitors can check out more articles about sports on our other pages.